Come Together

These images will melt your heart!  An uplifting rock song of joy, happiness and bliss, of how our world can be!  I began writing this song in early 2016 and have now just finished the video, January 2017.  As I sensed and experienced the sadness of so many people being upset with how divided we all have seemed to become, I felt compelled, as a songwriter, to create a positive experience in music and imagery!  Please enjoy, please share this with EVERYONE you know!  Spread the joy, the love, the happiness, the unity!  We can make this happen! - Michael Beachwood

Audio Mastering: Rob Tsuhako   The Beat Inventor

Video Editor: Ryan Kian

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Michael and Sheryl continue recording their music and vocals and creating their music videos, their latest has just been posted... "Cool Cats". Michael is determined to push forward...